EQ-SQ neuropsychoanalytical coaching

Significance and benefits of EQ-SQ neuropsychoanalytical coaching
(EQ-SQ NPC) for everyday work and management activities

EQ-SQ NPC takes into account the emotions, feelings, and affects (including the unpleasant ones) as sources of strength for the development and implementation of action plans and concepts.

EQ-SQ NPC protects the stabilising alternation between individual feelings (independence, freedom, and self-determination) and social feelings (feelings of community, responsibility, and duty).

EQ-SQ NPC promotes explanatory and compromise-forming skills.

EQ-SQ NPC uncovers time-consuming and costly defensive processes at an early stage.

EQ-SQ NPC helps to identify, process, and resolve errors, problems, conflicts, and crises in good time.

EQ-SQ NPC ensures that the substantive and specialist processes have a relationship to reality and helps to avoid slipping into theoretical and unrealistic ideas or concepts.

EQ-SQ NPC ensures compliance with the laws of how the brain functions and non-linear systems during the formulation of management and development concepts.

EQ-SQ NPC takes into account the differences in the patterns of feeling, thinking, and behaviour of individuals and groups and develops situational managerial concepts in accordance with these differences.

EQ-SQ NPC takes into consideration the influence of past experiences on current behaviour with respect to individuals and groups in the work process.

EQ-SQ NPC analyses and controls the influence of individuals and the influence of personal or informal relationships (coalitions, friendships, rivals...) on the substantive, specialised and decision-making processes in groups, teams, departments, and divisions.

EQ-SQ NPC promotes the professional orientation of the relationships in groups, teams, departments, and divisions.

EQ-SQ NPC deals critically with the "favourite concepts of the zeitgeist", including: equal treatment of all employees, the power of positive thinking, self-monitoring, restructuring, and quality management.