EQ-SQ neuropsychoanalytical sociotherapy


Management of the various interventions and measures:

Dr. phil. Alois Heinemann, social psychologist: born in 1942; studied philosophy and theology; studies in sociology, theory of psychoanalysis and psychology with the main focus on clinical psychology, group dynamics, organisational psychology, and organisational sociology; 1980 Award of a PhD in the subjects of sociology and psychology; long-standing teaching post at the University of Siegen and the University of Applied Sciences in Dusseldorf; since 1977 work as a freelance consultant, sociotherapist and supervisor; 1982 Foundation of the Institute for Applied Social Psychology, member of "n-psa The International Neuro-Psychoanalysis Society".

Cooperation partners:

Dr. med. Klaus Kuypers, specialist in neurology and psychiatry: born in 1953; studied medicine at the University of Bonn; trained as a specialist in neurology and psychiatry at Bonn University Hospital and at the Alexianer Hospital in Krefeld; 1984 to 1985 senior physician at the Alexianer Hospital in Krefeld; since 1985, has had his own practice for neurology and psychiatry in Hückelhoven.

Ralf Ernst, social pedagogue and social worker: born in 1957; 1982 to 1987 studied at the University of Kassel, qualification: social studies with the main focus on social therapy; further training: client-centred conversation techniques, gestalt therapeutic psychotherapy (gestalt therapy and psychodrama); 1988 to 1993 counselling and therapy at the youth counselling centre in Velbert; 1993 to 2000 Moers drug advice centre, implementation of outpatient individual and group therapy; since 2000, long-term inpatient therapy for addiction sufferers at the Therapeutic Residential Community of the Diakonisches Werk (Lutheran Welfare and Social Work Organisation) in Mulheim an der Ruhr.

Susanne Wagner, remedial teacher: born in 1965; trained as a nursery school and remedial teacher. Additional training: sociotherapy; additional training: managing individuals, teams, departments and divisions; since 1991 head of integrative day care facilities for children; support for sociotherapeutic projects with children, assistant in an intensive sociotherapeutic group.

Simone Gebel, remedial teacher: born in 1967; trained as a nursery school and remedial teacher, additional training in sociotherapy; 1986 to 1994 worked as a nursery school and remedial teacher; 1994 to 2004 head of a remedial day care facility for children; since 1999, involvement in and management of sociotherapeutic projects with children and adolescents; since 2005 involvement in the training of sociotherapists, main focus on children and adolescents.