EQ-SQ neuropsychoanalytical coaching

Courses, measures of EQ-SQ neuropsychoanalytical coaching

EQ-SQ neuropsychoanalytically-oriented consulting interventions:

  1. Individual counselling for current and next-generation managers
  2. Team consulting

EQ-SQ neuropsychoanalytically-oriented advanced training offers:

A. Seminars

  1. Management and personnel development concepts on the test bed of brain research
  2. The influence of the different patterns of feeling, thinking, and behaviour, personality structures and disorders on the ability to work, cooperate, and lead
  3. The appraisal of emotional and social intelligence and the assessment of the ability to work and cooperate, the ability to lead and work in a team
  4. The control of the dynamics and the design of structures of groups, teams, departments, and divisions

B. Advanced Training Courses

  1. Managing and developing individuals and organisations - intensive course for executives
  2. Selecting and developing executives - intensive course for senior employees with personal responsibility
  3. Personality structures and disorders, their interpersonal skills, ability to compromise and lead, their synergy and defensive energy
  4. Application of test procedures for assessing employees and teams:

    VEPS procedure for assessing emotional flexibility, synergy, and defensive energy, Neutrality Grid, procedure for the appraisal of professional and systemic neutrality

    VEPS procedure for the appraisals of personality structures and disorders, as well as the working climate in teams, departments, and divisions

    Application of the FÜF - management questionnaire (comparison with 3,200 executives)