EQ-SQ neuropsychoanalytical sociotherapy

Interventions, measures of EQ-SQ neuropsychoanalytical sociotherapy

EQ-SQ neuropsychoanalytically-oriented sociotherapeutic offers:

  1. Individual counselling for couples and those who are single
  2. Group therapy for couples and singles
  3. Projects supporting in the emotional and social intelligence for children of pre-school and primary school age
  4. Advice to parents on the subject of upbringing and development

EQ-SQ neuropsychoanalytically-oriented advanced training offers:

  1. The development of individuals and structuring of relationships from the perspective of brain research and psychoanalysis
  2. Personality structures and disorders, mental and psychosocial disorders, taking emotional and social intelligence into account in particular
  3. Living and working in groups - basic knowledge of designing the structures and controlling the dynamics of groups
  4. Diagnostics and the application of analytical concepts and test procedures:

    VEPS: a procedure for the assessment of psycho- and sociodynamics, as well as emotional flexibility

    VEPS: a procedure for assessing personality structures and disorders, as well as the climate in groups

    Emotional grid: a procedure for assessing emotional structures, relational and transference dynamics

    Neutrality grid: a procedure for assessing systemic neutrality, i.e. equitable dealings (triangulation) in families

    Application and interpretation of MMPI 2 for assessing personality structures, aswellas and disorders, psychosocial disorders, and mental illnesses

EQ-SQ additional neuropsychoanalytical training and seminars

  1. EQ-SQ neuropsychoanalytical advice for couples, families and upbringing: the structuring of stable relationships which are conducive to development in partnerships and families
  2. EQ-SQ neuropsychoanalytical sociotherapy: therapy for children, adolescents, and adults

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